Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click is one type of Internet Marketing where advertisers pay a fee to the Search Engines whenever an Ad is clicked. Search Engines allow advertisers to bid for Ad placement in relation to the keyword. The advertiser has to pay a small amount of fee whenever the AD is clicked which results in a visit to the website.

It is easily said than done because running a PPC Campaign involves experience in researching, choosing and organizing the right keywords that are relevant to business. Creating a well-organized PPC campaigns, finalizing ad groups, setting up of PPC landing pages, optimizing for conversions are technical tasks that demand a thorough understanding of marketing as well.

Let us take Google Ads as a case to explain. Google Ads is the largest PPC advertising system in the world. When a search is triggered Google Ads servers select couple of “winner ads” based on multiple parameters, mainly on the CPC bid and the Quality Score. CPC bid determines the highest bidder to appear on a particular search. Quality Score involves factors like quality of the keywords, relevance of the keywords, click-through rate, landing-page quality and many more. If your Quality Score is high, you would get better visibility even if your bid is low.

Hence, it is mandatory to seek the help of PPC Campaign experts to run your PPC Campaigns.

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