Search Engine Marketing

Yes, the market has become competitive and every business has a website and all try to compete for a digital presence and sales. Search Engine Marketing is an effective method to grow your business by bringing more eyeballs to your website. This normally involves the practice of deploying various types of Ads to appear in the results page of any search. The key is place the relevant Ads in front of the customers who are searching with an intent to buy.

Search Engine marketing forms part of Digital Marketing which is used to increase the visibility of your products or services. No one can deny that today consumers do search and research about products or services with an intent to buy. SEM positions your products or services in the Search Results page of a search engine which brings improved visibility of your website resulting in improved organic rankings.

Advertisers pay only for the impressions and it is a cost-effective method to reach prospective customers. If you want to drive traffic to your website in shorter duration, then SEM is the best way. You search for something in a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing. These search engines deploy complicated algorithms to bring out the relevant results (products or services, location, website links) that match your search.

When you pay for advertising to these search engines, your Ads will appear on top of all the search results pages or will appear in eye-catching positions in the page, which attracts better visibility resulting in a promised possibility of the search user to come to your website.

You can deploy your Ads in the following:
a. Pay Per Click (PPC)
b. Display Advertising
c. YouTube Advertising
d. Content Marketing

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