The Right SEO

The Right SEO


SEO professionals like most other business professions have three primary roles: doing the work, monitoring the progress of the work done, and communicating the process and progress of the work to those who care. Like all other professions, efforts put in SEO needs to be In the case of metrics, so that we can track the success and efforts easily and clearly communicate the same to the clients. Having well defined metrics also increases one’s influence and credibility by regularly monitoring and communicating about them within the team or to the client. However, metrics are inherently an enigma. The mystery that surrounds them is always a tough nut to crack and not an easy task for most people. Metrics are the specific measurements, data if you will, that in themselves mean little until evaluated and interpreted. but fixing metrics and looking at data will tell you what your website is achieving and what you expect by enabling success in your business.

Therefore, it’s important and requires thinking through a solid foundation for your technical metrics and making sure proper resources are in place to interpret the data in a more standard way. We suggest opting for the below method called SCORE to choose and set your SEO matrices. SCORE stands for 

S  Standardize on a set of metrics, it will be very helpful in the long run. C  Commit to a set of SEO tools and tracking methods. O  Objectives should be aligned as per Organizational needs. R  Reports and dashboards must be easy to understand the data. E  Execute the campaign with consistent and repeatable methods so results can be compared.

This approach will help in setting the right expectation in clients’ minds and also help agencies to deliver up to the expectation.

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Now all brands are turning to social media to create awareness about their brand or to make their presence on social networks. Nowadays everyone is trying to leverage social media be it a well known brand, pop star, some media house, etc. The most successful social campaigns suggest that they are successful because they appeal to the audience i.e. connect with them. Social media Works on 3 simple principles create, listen & engage. The last step in social media is engagement with the users, all brands need to understand that creating social handles and putting self praised or UN interesting content will not engage the users. The contests are good for engagement but still lacks participation at a major level, so the content should be very engaging. Social media may not provide direct sales but is very important as it helps brands influence presale decision making.