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What is a Sales Technique

What is a Sales Technique

First off we will look at a bunch of sales techniques. The reason for this is simple there is nothing worse than having a sales technique book or website where you have to hunt for the particular technique you wanted to practice so, therefore, I am putting the techniques at the start and then all the other stuff like motivational bundh at the end with some other bits I haven’t written yet.

So what is a sales technique Well it is quite simply a technique or way that has set patterns to help you gain a sale. I do not like to refer to these as sales tricks as that makes it sound as though there is something dishonest about them and there isn’t. Sales techniques are there to help the salesperson understand why and how they made a sale or why they didn’t. They are there to help the salesperson to recognize when a person is about to buy and take that opportunity to close the deal. There is nothing worse than watching someone new to sales let a golden opportunity walk right out the door just because they didn’t understand the basics of sales technique. At the end of the day if the person didn’t buy from that salesperson they will buy from the next.

So we will break part one down into general sales techniques group under sections the first will be opening which will look at opening a conversation with the prospect and getting the ball rolling. We then look at building rapport, handling objections, and then move swiftly on to closing.

Remember these are techniques I have learned along the way and I certainly do not claim to be the inventor of any of them. I am only including in these techniques what I feel is relevant to today’s world of sales. I know some, especially old school, out there will disagree with some of what I have to say and that is fine as everyone’s technique needs to suit them as a person. I would however say that there is no such thing as one sales pitch that overcomes every objection and suits all, that is just nonsense and it is an arrogant salesperson that just doing sales their way is the best and the only way to close a deal. There are many ways and many techniques and disciplines and having an understanding of them means that you have more weapons at your disposal.

Everything in these techniques has a basis and the basis is what is important, not the technique you need to open the conversation and build rapport in order to close a deal. It is that simple. The techniques are the tools in which to do it; their value is in the psychology behind the technique and the wording used to create real sale opportunities.