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What is Search Engine Optimizers?

What is Search Engine Optimizers?

We are Search Engine Optimizers. Therefore it is our duty not to just define SEO but one should understand why SEO is necessary for their website and company. Do you know how many people use search engines? According to Google, 300 billion people searches Google a day. It is only about Google there are other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc.. These people use search engines means they actually find out what they want to know. E.g. If anyone wants to know about Travel agencies in Chennai then they will visit Google or Rediff or yahoo. Now if your company providing this service and you have done with SEO then finder can easily come to know about your services. Now think If there are 2 or 3 thousand searches in a month for your service or products and you are nowhere in their search then???? You lost those audiences completely. What Is Ranking? In our academic phase we have gone through the word “Ranking”. The student who is best in studies he always ranked first in class. The Search Engine Ranking is also the same concept. If your website is content wise and back link wise rich then that will rank in first ten websites. Again take above example, you are running a KTM Travel Agency, I am unknown to you so I will just put travel agency in Google. What Google will do after reading this word? Google will search those websites which are rich in their content and backlinks. On the very first page you will see top ten websites (it does not include paid ads which come with yellow background). Here comes our role. We make you website to come in these first ten.

First ten website which comes on first page of Search Engines are very important because any person will prefer to see first page if he is getting what he wants on the very first page he will not bother to see other pages. That is why this ranking is very important for your website. When we talk about Website it is necessary Website should be SEO Friendly. Below It is explained in On-page Optimization what all things we do for Seo friendly website. After On page optimization of the website we go for Off page Optimization. It takes minimum 6 months to get the result of SEO.